Things To Do With The Family Before School Starts
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August 17, 2020


As summer break comes to a close, you might be scrambling to find things to do with the family before school starts. Even though this summer has been unlike any others, you still want to make sure your kids get the full summer experience, right?

Don’t worry! We’ve come up with a summer bucket list that will guarantee the whole family gets the summer they deserve, even amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

young couple with baby painting on floorThings To Do With The Family Before School Starts

Pick strawberries, cherries, watermelon, or apples

Picking your own fruit is one of those timeless summer activities that never gets old. Walking through rows of ripe, delicious produce is a fun, active way to get outdoors but also comes with the added benefit of taking home the prize. Once you get everything home, you even get to test your creativity by discovering how many different dishes you can make with your pickings.

Make a time capsule

Making a time capsule is fun for youngsters at any age. Creating one during these unique circumstances will make it even more interesting when the kids open it back up. Set your time capsule to one year, five years, or maybe even ten years!

boy roasting marshmallow over fire in backyardCamp in the backyard

No time or energy to go out to a state park? No problem! Set up the sleeping bags and campfire right in the backyard. Spooky ghost stories, s’mores, and flashlights are all you need to have a great time anywhere you decide to pitch a tent.

Complete a huge puzzle

If you have older kids or teens, challenge your family’s patience and determination by laying out the biggest, most intimidating puzzle you can get your hands on. Spread out the pieces on the dining table and put on some great music or audiobook to listen to as a family.

Go fishing

Fishing is a great opportunity for relaxed bonding time. Catch and release or use the occasion to teach your kids how to clean a fish. Take advantage of the opportunity to give a campfire cooking lesson and dine on your own catch!

Watch a movie outdoors

Classic movies are even better when projected outdoors. Cook up a huge bowl of popcorn and introduce your kids to some of the timeless characters you grew up with.

Geocaching or Randonautica

Geocaching is the practice of using a GPS to locate a cache (often a lunchbox with a trinket in it). Randonautica is an app with a similar premise but the destination is generated (semi-) randomly. The app has taken this summer by storm.

mom with children reading a bookHave a photoshoot

Many photographers have updated their hygiene and social distancing practices to take pictures while staying safe during COVID-19. These increased measures make family photoshoots during the pandemic a reality.

Build a slip and slide

Can it get any better than playing around in the water on a hot, summer day? You can purchase the name brand slide or get creative and build your own. All you need is some trash bags, tape, a water hose, and liquid soap to start slipping and sliding around.

Pro tip: take an old water hose and poke holes every foot or so, then run it alongside your homemade slip and slide track.

Make homemade pizzas

If you have the time to make the dough from scratch, get the kids to join in and make your own pizza! You can try your hand at tossing the dough up in the air like in a classic pizzeria! Spread out toppings and have each person choose their favorites for their personal pizza.

Make homemade ice cream

This essential summer activity is not only fun, but you get a sweet treat at the end, too! Start by thinking up your most creative recipe, then experiment and see if you can make it happen. You can use a standalone ice cream maker, Kitchenaid attachment, or a simple bag with ice and salt.

Your kids’ school year will certainly look different than last year, but one thing is for sure: summer is nearly behind us. Make some positive memories before classes and homework start to creep in.

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