She Shed Essentials
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February 7, 2020


Have you heard about she sheds? 

She sheds are women’s reply to the man cave. These dedicated spaces provide women with a place to unwind, focus by themselves, or gather with friends. We’ll talk about what she sheds are and list some she shed essentials.

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Why have a she shed?

In a national health survey conducted by the CDC, 16% of women ages 18-44 say they feel “very tired” or “exhausted.” In a similar study, 37% of women say they are stressed at work. Note that these numbers are higher than their male counterparts.

With the number of working women climbing, many feel pressure to “do it all” at the office and home. In response to this increased busy-ness, she sheds provide women with a sanctuary in or near their home.

What is a she shed?

Typically, a she shed is a pre-fabricated backyard storage shed converted into a more comfortable living space. Because most people build them from pre-fab kits and the required foundation is simple to do yourself, the build time is quick. The significant decisions come when deciding what to use it for and what goes into it.

She shed purposes

Women use she sheds for all sorts of things. Consider your hobbies or interests. Is there something you yearn to focus on but need more physical, mental, or personal space? Whatever your interests are, you can build a she shed that is uniquely suited to meet your desires.

Here are some examples of uses for she sheds:

  • Flower arranging – Pick fresh flowers from your garden and arrange them for your friends, business, or your home.
  • Reading – Craft your ideal library and comfy reading nook. Possibly add a couple of sofas to host a book club.
  • Writing – Finally, focus on that book idea you’ve had for so long. Or, take a few moments for your daily journaling.
  • Music studio – Don’t worry about little ones banging on your precious musical instruments. Even soundproof the walls and add a mic to create a recording studio.
  • Photography – Create a photo backdrop or lightbox that you don’t have to set up and take down all the time. Add a desk and computer to edit photos, too.
  • Art – Allow yourself to get artistic. Tap into that creative self without interruption.
  • Crafting – Add wall storage and organization so you can keep all your tools handy. Perfect for sewing, weaving, making jewelry, and more.
  • Yoga – Light the candles and practice your yoga routine in peace.
  • Teahouse – Have your friends over for high tea or an afternoon coffee. Add comfy seating and cute serving ware to make your guests feel like they’re in a little British cottage or Italian café.
  • Home office – Whether you’re working remotely or have an at-home business, the she shed is the perfect spot to “go into the office.” Keep your home, and business life separate – mentally and literally.

Female Yoga

What does a she shed need?

Our advice is to put whatever you like in your she shed. The sky is the limit when planning how to build a she shed. However, several things will help make your she shed the retreat of your dreams.

  1. Natural light – Most pre-fab storage shed kits come with a small window or two. To maximize your relaxation and creativity, add more natural light to your building. Consider French doors or skylights. Definitely one of the she shed essentials.
  2. Storage – Your she shed shouldn’t be a storage facility; that’s not the storage we mean. Instead, have some places to put anything you’ll need to help you relax/create/work. Such things might be blankets, slippers, paintbrushes, craft tools, or charging cables.
  3. Interior design – Give heavy thought to how you want your she shed to look inside. Ideally, you’ll be spending plenty of time there. If interior design isn’t your strong suit, consider hiring a professional designer. The return on investment will be the immense joy you’ll receive.
  4. Cozy furnishings – This one seems obvious, but often goes overlooked. Besides comfy couches and chairs, consider adding a soft rug and floor pillows.
  5. Beautiful exterior – Like the interior design, you’ll probably spend significant seeing your she shed in the backyard. If not, then at least you’ll want to walk up to something beautiful when going to use it. Adding window boxes, lanterns, and pretty paint can increase how much you appreciate and, ultimately, use your she shed.

How much does a she shed cost?

You’re thinking, “this must cost a fortune!” In fact, it doesn’t have to. With the pre-fab kits, many people report finishing their she shed for around $5,000. Some of the nicer she sheds with more amenities cost upwards of $20,000. As long as you have the she shed essentials, you’ll be off to a great start. If you do decide to build it yourself, there are many resources on how to build a she shed on the web.

If you’re contemplating an addition to your home, the she shed is an incredible space to consider. Being able to take time for yourself away from the busy-ness of the rest of life can help you thrive more in all areas of life. Contact Park Place Finance to discuss a home renovation loan that will help you finance your she shed.


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