Most Overlooked Spring Cleaning Tasks
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March 16, 2021


With spring in full swing, you’re probably gearing up for an intense spring cleaning session to get rid of all that wintery stuffiness. Most people know the basics when it comes to spring cleaning: dusting surfaces, vacuuming the carpet, and mopping hard floors. However, many cleaning tasks often go neglected and end up creating dust and grime buildup or develop into mold.

This list will go room-by-room through some of the most overlooked spring cleaning tasks.

man-spraying-kitchen-countertop-spring-cleaningMost Overlooked Spring Cleaning Tasks


A sparkling kitchen looks nice on the outside, but what’s underneath the refrigerator? Does the thought of looking make you shudder a little bit? The kitchen sink, countertops, fronts of appliances, and floors get all the attention when cleaning the kitchen. Most people don’t vacuum under their appliances as often as they should.

Another unseen location is the inside of cabinets. These often go overlooked when cleaning the kitchen simply because the doors are closed. Open all the kitchen cabinets, remove any items, and vacuum the inside with the crevice attachment on your vacuum.


Having a clean bedroom should be a high priority. We (hopefully) spend eight hours a day there – it should be clean. While washing the bedsheets is a regular task you already do, next time also clean your mattress. There is plenty of dust and grime that gets through bedsheets and hangs out on the mattress. Even with clean sheets, there is still a layer of dirt underneath. The best way to clean your mattress is the remove the bedsheets, spray it with a disinfectant and vacuum the whole mattress to get rid of dust mites. Don’t forget to turn and flip it while you’re at it.

Right next to the bed lies another trouble spot: table lamps. The shades of lamps on nightstands don’t typically get the attention they deserve. This means they tend to harbor a lot of dust right next to your head while you’re sleeping. Take those shades off the lamps and wipe them down as best possible.


Most people know that bathrooms can harbor a ton of germs. Showers and toilets typically get cleaned regularly, but there are a couple of overlooked spots on both of these fixtures.

Shower curtains can grow mildew and mold just like the tile and grout. Make sure to clean your shower curtain or shower door rails just like you would the rest of the shower.

After cleaning the toilet bowl, most people don’t give a second thought to cleaning the rest of the commode. However, the base of the toilet is one of the dirtiest spots in the entire house. Disinfect and wipe it down thoroughly to have a clean, bright bathroom.

Living Room

The floor and coffee table aren’t the only places that gather dust in the living room. Grab a vacuum and vacuum the furniture including underneath pillows and cushions. You can use the crevice attachment to get in between cushions you aren’t able to remove.

After that, take a peek behind your TV and check out the situation there. Most likely, it is covered in a thick layer of dust. This dust can cause problems with the expensive electronics plugged in with grimy wires.

Laundry Room

Just because your washing machine does the cleaning, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily clean itself. Since they are generally moist areas, they tend to grow mold easily. Look inside, or give a sniff, and assess the inside of your washing machine. Use the self-cleaning cycle if your machine has one, if not, just run an empty cycle with some white vinegar.

Keeping your washing machine clean will keep it working well and keep your clothes clean, too.


If where you are is anything like Austin, you experience a large influx of pollen in the springtime. This pollen given off by the trees covers everything outside in a thick layer of yellow-green dust. Make sure to wipe down your patio tables and chairs to get rid of this annoying allergen and enjoy the nice weather on your back patio.


While you’re cleaning your home, make sure to take care of some safety items as well. Replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and check the fire extinguishers in your home. Make sure everything is working properly and replace anything that isn’t. Additionally, if you used your fireplace during the winter, get your chimney cleaned by a professional. A dirty chimney can cause health and safety issues that a simple cleaning can remediate.

We at Park Place Finance hope you have a safe, and clean, spring. If you find yourself wanting some more space while cleaning your home this spring, contact us about securing financing for a home mortgage.


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