Fall Festivities in Central Texas
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October 10, 2018


Now that the heat of summer is finally over, it’s time to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. And what better way to get outside than to hit one of the many fun fall festivals or autumnal events in Central Texas? From Austin Beer Week, to Oktoberfest, to BBQ Fest, whether you’re looking for a hayride for the kids or a good German pint, Austin and the surrounding areas have no shortage of fun fall activities.

Here’s our top picks:


1. Austin Beer Week

If there’s one thing Austin residents love more than tacos, it’s beer. Austin Beer Week is an extended and event-full brewer-centric showcase/extravaganza of all things craft beer. Held annually, this year’s event will be held October 26th through November 4th. Whether you’re a brewer or just a devoted consumer, don’t hesitate to get involved.

2. TM BBQ Fest

Do you love meat? Then the Texas Monthly BBQ Fest Weekend might just be the place for you. The top 50 BBQ joints in Texas will be there, and that’s right, they’ll all be smoking. With live music, cocktails, and cold beer, it’s the perfect time to try what everyone’s been cooking up, and eat your heart out.

3. Austin Film Festival

Craving a more sophisticated pastime? The Austin Film Festival showcases the best films that use the language of cinema to craft a story, particularly those that feature excellent screenplays. If you love a good story, or you’re feeling a little highbrow, drop by and check out anything from podcasts, to playwriting workshops, or just to watch a good movie.

4. Oktoberfest

Ready for some fantastic German food, beer, and wine? Every autumn, Austin goes a little crazy for pretzels, sausage, and beer—more so than other times of the year, that is. The German-Texan Heritage society holds a biergarten, kid’s activities, and more, but that’s not all. All through September and October, you can find Oktoberfest celebrations throughout Central Texas. From Deathtoberfest to Rocktoberfest and from spaetzle to schnitzel, whatever your style, there’s sure to be something for everyone.


5. Pumpkin Patches

If you’re looking for something laid back and kid-friendly, there’s no shortage of pumpkin patches and corn mazes in this part of Texas. The Jersey Barnyard will let you paint your pumpkin for free on the farm, and also offers activities like hayrides and milking cows. South Texas Maize boasts a cow train, a goat walk, and a worm slide, which are sure to get kids excited. Sweet Berry Farm boasts sand art, a barrel train, and even horseback riding! You’ll come home with beautiful pumpkins for carving, and with enough hay to start your own barnyard. Wrap up the day with some warm cider, and you’ll already be looking forward to next time.

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