Best Haunted Houses in Austin, TX
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October 11, 2019


Haunted houses are a must-do activity in October. These frightening experiences make our hearts race and adrenaline pump. Haunted houses are a great way to have fun and get in the Halloween spirit. Even if you don’t celebrate Halloween much, or like scary things, this is an excellent opportunity to do something a little different.

We’ve put together this list of the best haunted houses in Austin. Included are the staged activities with actors and costumes, but we’ve also thrown in some fun and spooky activities that are more unconventional. However you choose to get your scare on, have fun!

Haunted House

Best Haunted Houses in Austin

House of Torment

This over-the-top attraction should come as no surprise (though it’ll be full of them!) House of Torment is well-known for its production value and creativity. The attraction creates new environments and scenarios every year, always keeping their themes relevant to horror in popular culture. Prepare to scream at frights that will have you wondering if these are hired actors or the real deal. Prices vary between $20-32.

Scare for a Cure

Here’s scaring with some caring to go along with it. The Scare for a Cure is a volunteer-run non-profit organization that donates profits to local cancer-related charities and organizations in Austin. If you’re already planning on getting scared, why not do it for a good cause? But, don’t let their altruistic intentions fool you, this is a haunted house with serious scares! This year’s theme is The Trial of Blood and Stone. An ancient ruin beckons, will you answer the call? Prices range from $25-45.

Scream Hollow

Just a short drive away from Austin, in Smithville, this Halloween park features four haunted house attractions: Mansion of Terror, Lost Pines Asylum, Wicked Darkness: The Maze, and The Slaughterhouse. This park houses a restaurant and bar so you can get fuel in between all the haunted houses. Scream Hollow is an excellent option if you love getting scared! Prices range from $20-32.

Pioneer Farms: Haunted Halloween Trail

This attraction offers some spooky fun at what is typically a living history park and museum. Something about stepping back in time adds realism to the scares Pioneer Farms has to offer. Unlike some of the other haunted houses, Pioneer Farms also has family-friendly activities like a pumpkin carving contest, live music, and storytellers. Ticket prices are $10 for children, $15 for adults.

Terror on Two Jacks

In Round Rock lives the Clark Griswold of Halloween. When homeowners discovered the grave of the unnamed Hairy Man, Terror on Two Jacks was born. This attraction isn’t run by a company, but by someone who loves Halloween. Every year they turn their home and garage into a full-scale haunted house! $5 donation to the Round Rock Area Serving Center required upon entry.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Of course, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema would be offering exclusive Halloween themed screenings. If getting out to a haunted house attraction isn’t your cup of witch’s brew, catch a special screening at this unique, creative movie theater. Selections for Halloween include The Addams Family, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Dante’s Inferno.

Possibly the Real Deal

Oakwood Cemetery

This cemetery was established in 1839, so it has had a long time to build up a haunted history. Over 23,000 burials reside in Oakwood Cemetery, including that of Texas hero General Sam Houston. Visitors wander the graveyard hoping to catch a glimpse of the general’s ghost, or of some other strange paranormal activity. It is an actual cemetery, so have fun, but please be respectful.

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