Best Breakfast in Bed for Mother’s Day 2020
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May 5, 2020


We all know that moms are extraordinary people that love and care for us so much. Mother’s Day is that day of the year where we say “Thank you” to mom for everything and make her feel loved and pampered.

This Mother’s Day is going to be a little odd, though, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Mom has probably seen more of you and the kids recently since everyone is sheltering in place. Instead of flowers and jewelry, she might want family time or simply some personal time this Mother’s Day.

One surefire way to make mom feel special is to make her breakfast in bed. Who doesn’t enjoy being waited on, served delicious food and drink, while still in their pajamas?

We’ve whipped up some of the best recipes on the web to make breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day a meal that she remembers (for good reasons).


Best Breakfast in Bed for Mother’s Day

Stuffed French Toast

French toast has always felt like the most indulgent of breakfast options to us. This recipe takes it to another level by stuffing the toast with whipped cream cheese. Add a bit of flavored extract to tie in one of mom’s favorite flavors like coconut, rum, or orange. Mom will be dreaming about this breakfast until next Mother’s Day!

Pancake Cereal

This hot new trend takes a basic breakfast staple and cranks up the fun. Instead of typical 6-inch pancakes, this “cereal” uses tiny little pancakes barely the size of a quarter. Cook them in a little more butter and then serve them in a bowl with syrup – no milk necessary. Eat the sweet fluffy pancakes with a spoon instead of a fork!

Breakfast Sandwich

A breakfast sandwich is one of those dishes that says, “I put a lot of work into this because you mean a lot to me.” When cooking this breakfast, there are some simple tasks, like toasting and buttering the English muffin, that the kids can pitch in and help, too. This recipe from Bon Appetit is the best breakfast sandwich out there, but still easy enough that anyone can make it without being a pro in the kitchen.

Biscuits and Gravy

What mother doesn’t love the southern breakfast classic biscuits and gravy? This dish is the pinnacle of southern comfort foods, as far as breakfast is concerned. The biscuit recipe from King Arthur, the flour company, is perfect for any kind of biscuits. We recommend using these biscuits for your biscuits and gravy since they are the classic American-style biscuit and you can keep the recipe to make them again to go with dinner another time.

Dalgona Coffee

Another hot trend here. This whipped coffee drink from Korea has been gaining popularity in the US because it is easy and quick to make, just takes a couple of ingredients, and tastes sweet and creamy. Make sure you have some instant coffee on hand, though!

This Sangria Whipped Cocktail

Is the mom in your life of fan of wine? This Mother’s Day bring her love for vino into her breakfast in bed meal. Not only is this cocktail a twist on the classic sangria, but the recipe also makes a few servings, so you can enjoy a glass of your own.

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