5 Movies for Aspiring House Flippers
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November 6, 2020


Fixing up and flipping houses can be fun, stressful, creative, well-planned, and everything in between. We found five movies for aspiring house flippers that show something different than what you might see on HGTV.

Although these movies might not have a house flipper as the main star, they do provide some interesting insights for anyone in the real estate business.

If you haven’t already seen every movie on this list, it will give you something to do during the upcoming holidays!

The Money Pit

This first one on the list is a house flipper’s nightmare!

Starring Tom Hanks and Shelley Long, a young couple moves out of New York City in search of an affordable home. When they find a suspiciously low-priced home, they snatch it up.

As the name implies, the couple runs into expense after expense while trying to renovate their new abode. This movie is a comedy, so they put a laughable spin on an otherwise terrifying scenario.

Pacific Heights

In the mood for a thriller? Pacific Heights is sure to freak you out.

In this film, Michael Keaton plays a manipulative tenant renting a room in a house renovated by a sweet young couple. They made a big investment buying and renovating the house, banking on rent from tenants to help cover all their expenses. But they have no idea who their mysterious tenant really is.

The bottom line is: make sure you screen your tenants thoroughly.

99 Homes

Here’s one to pull at your heartstrings.

99 Homes stars Andrew Garfield and Laura Dern as a mother and son who are evicted by a ruthless real estate broker, played by Michael Shannon. Garfield’s character goes on to work for the real estate broker to make money so that he and his mom can have an opportunity for a better life.

Memorable quote: “Don’t get emotional about real estate.”

Glengarry Glen Ross

Here’s another thrilling classic about selling real estate.

Widely considered just a fantastic movie whether you’re in real estate or not, this flick has a star-studded cast competing against each other to keep their jobs by selling the most houses. None of these suits are swinging hammers or hanging sheetrock, but they sure are motivated to sell homes. Though we wouldn’t recommend all the tactics they use.

Don’t forget: “Always be closing.”

 Flip that Romance

Yearning for something a little more light-hearted?

Many movies about real estate focus on the negative (like bad renters, or expensive repairs) or the thrilling (cutthroat salesman) because they make entertaining stories. But this Hallmark movie adds some levity and romance to this house-flipping scenario.

Two rival house flippers try to one-up each other while renovating the two sides of the same duplex. In the process, an old flame between the house flippers is rekindled.

Ready to Jump into House Flipping?

Did these movies for aspiring house flippers get you excited about your next fix-n-flip? Start the search now and contact us at Park Place Finance to get your financing lined up. Just make sure it doesn’t turn into a “money pit” for you!


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