Popular Home Renovation Trends in Austin
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June 11, 2021


Whether you’re “keeping up with the Joneses” or just looking for new ideas, this list of the most popular home renovations in Austin is sure to inspire your next project. Having comfortable, functional spaces make the living experience much more enjoyable. If you own your home or are renovating a house flip, keeping up with the trends will ensure the home is practical and beautiful.

One thing you’ll notice is that the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant influence on these home renovation trends. Over a year of being cooped up inside, working and schooling from home, seeing the same space day in and day out has people craving change. This list of home renovation trends captures that longing. Read through, and perhaps you’ll find something that sparks your interest.

Popular Home Renovation Trends in Austin

1. Dedicated Home Office

It’s no guess why dedicated home offices are one of Austin’s most popular home renovation trends. While many were forced to work from home during the COVID-18 pandemic, many also chose to work remotely permanently.

However, the home office can’t simply be a small desk in the kitchen anymore. Remote workers want a space where they’ll feel comfortable and undisturbed by others that may be working or schooling remotely. That means natural light, closed doors, and enough space (possibly for two or more).

2. Closed Concept

Closed concept design follows intuitively after the dedicated home office for all the same reasons. With more family members spending time at home, solitude can be difficult to come by. Having delineated rooms helps give everyone their own space to retreat to if need be. Ditch the open concept design and make more rooms in the home. You’ll find that having a quiet room dedicated to reading or your home gym is very satisfying.


3. Natural Finishes

The natural finishes design concept is another reaction from being stuck inside. Instead of being able to visit their favorite outdoor spaces, people are bringing the organic indoors. Many have included elements like natural wood finish cabinetry, wicker chairs, jute rugs, and more. This concept feels incredibly cozy when included in more intimate rooms like a bedroom or master bathroom.

4. Outdoor Patio Upgrade

Dining al fresco has become part of the new normal at many restaurants and cafes. However, many people are now bringing that same experience into their homes by upgrading their outdoor spaces.

A spacious covered patio with a large outdoor dining table, fire pit, grill, pool, and more provide a comfortable place to entertain guests for dinner and drinks.

5. Master Bathroom Update

Updating the master bathroom is always a popular home renovation, but even more so now. The master bathroom is more than utility; it can be a spa-like experience of peace and relaxation. With many people not returning to their favorite salons or spas, the master bathroom has quickly become the substitute. Homeowners now want that same tranquil, satisfying experience without having to leave the comfort of their abode.

What’s Your Next Home Renovation Project?

What are you going to update in your home next? Did one of these popular home renovation trends stick out to you? When you need to finance your next home renovation, contact us at Park Place Finance. We offer home renovation loans so you can start creating the home of your dreams.

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