How To Build a Successful Relationship With Your Private Money Lender
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August 23, 2023


The ideal relationship between private money lenders and real estate investors is a mutually beneficial partnership driven by trust and communication.

Like any relationship, this type of partnership doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to build and effort from both parties.

If you’re interested in benefiting from a successful relationship with your private money lender for many years of deals to come, read on as we explore what it takes.

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Choose the right lender

Choosing the right hard money lender should involve thorough research based on matching your needs and experience with their services, track record, and reputation.

Keep in mind that a hard money partnership is a two-way street. Determine from the start whether your investment goals and strategies align with theirs.

Once you’ve evaluated these factors, consider your compatibility. A successful private money partnership requires open communication, so investors must feel comfortable with their lenders.

Be honest and transparent

Trust is the foundation of any business relationship, especially in the realm of lending and investing.

It dictates the following outcomes:

  • Reliability
  • Informed decision-making
  • Risk mitigation
  • Realistic expectations
  • Problem-solving

That’s why honesty and transparency between a private money lender and investor should be a key component of your relationship.

Successful deals hinge on transparency in sharing project details, financials, and plans, as well as previous experiences, wins, and failures.

Communicate regularly

Regular communication helps build trust by fostering openness and reliability.

It helps both parties stay informed about the progress of the project, including updates, milestones, challenges, or changes to the timeline or budget.

Timely communication helps both parties identify potential issues early, adapt to the unexpected, and solve problems together.

When communication is lacking, it leaves room for assumptions and misunderstandings.


Every private money lender navigates the lending process a bit differently.

Active listening ensures you understand the lender’s services and terms, expectations, and project evaluation methods.

This allows investors to promptly provide the required documentation and make informed decisions based on the lender’s experience and advice.

Discuss clear expectations

Establishing clear expectations between lenders and investors lays the foundation for a smooth and productive collaboration.

Ensure both parties thoroughly understand the following:

  • Interest rates, fees, and closing costs associated with the loan
  • Repayment schedule
  • Exit strategy and repayment plan
  • Any prepayment penalties or restrictions
  • Project scope, timeline, and budget
  • How progress updates will be communicated
  • How risks, changes, and unforeseen challenges will be navigated

Clear expectations provide a sense of accountability and a reference point for agreed-upon terms.

They also help you understand what the lender is looking for in the project, and what would make them feel confident and secure.

Define roles and responsibilities

A well-defined understanding of each party’s own responsibilities ensures that you both know what’s expected and contribute accordingly.

For example, the investor’s roles and responsibilities include project management, reporting updates, and identifying risks. The lender’s role involves providing the funds and conducting due diligence on the project.

Clearly defined roles result in more effective decision-making and reduce confusion and misunderstandings.

Demonstrate reliability

Demonstrating reliability to your hard money lender boosts your credibility as an investor who fulfills his or her commitments.

If project and budget management is a vital role of the investor, meeting project timelines and milestones is a critical component of project management that demonstrates this reliability.

Project delays can lead to increased costs and missed opportunities. Adhering to the strict timelines of a project ensures that it progresses smoothly and efficiently.

Meanwhile, it reflects back to the lender an investor’s commitment to delivering results as promised. It also solidifies the necessary partnerships with contractors, partners, and other stakeholders in the project.

Pay on time

Of course, demonstrating reliability, honesty, and transparency honors the commitment you make to your lender to follow your loan repayment schedules.

Providing documentation proving that you pay your bills on time and the success of past real estate projects is a part of the lending process, but proof that you’ll honor this new commitment can only come with time.

It’s simple: Show up when you say you’ll show up, and do what you say you’ll do.

This is the quickest way to build trust and a successful long-term partnership with your private money lender.

Adapt to challenges

Discussing clear expectations is half the battle, but your actions make up the other half.

While open, regular communication helps to avoid most internal challenges, there may be challenges that arise that are out of your control—including market changes, regulatory changes, or material or labor shortages.

Regardless of where or how the challenges present themselves, a strong partnership between a private money lender and investor involves navigating these challenges together with proactive risk management strategies and open communication.

Be open to feedback

Remaining open to feedback as an investor is advantageous to both parties, for the following key reasons:

  • Private money lenders, such as Park Place Finance, have extensive experience in the industry, and this experience can provide valuable insights and guidance
  • Feedback can help investors make more informed decisions about a project
  • Ensures that the lender’s requirements and expectations align with the investor
  • Lenders can identify potential risks ahead of time

Giving and receiving feedback demonstrates mutual respect and more closely aligned goals and expectations.

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Trust takes time to develop, but nurturing the relationship with your private money lender has the power to create and sustain lucrative real estate deals for years to come.

If you can reframe the relationship from the start as a true partnership rather than a financial transaction, you can start accessing the benefits immediately.

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