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Evan Elizaldi

Account Executive


Evan Elizaldi is an enthusiastic and adaptable sales professional originally from Corpus Christi. He relocated to Austin in May of 2022, driven by his eagerness to embrace new challenges and opportunities. A proud graduate of Texas A&M University, Evan‘s commitment to excellence has been evident throughout his academic and professional journey.

In February 2023, Evan embarked on a new chapter in his career by joining the Park Place Finance team. His favorite aspect of the job lies in the satisfaction he derives from helping people navigate their financial aspirations. Evan thrives in the fast-paced and competitive environment, where his hard-working nature truly shines.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Evan embraces a diverse range of hobbies. He finds solace and excitement in watching sports, enjoys the challenge of golfing, seeks adrenaline through snowboarding, and dedicates time to staying fit through regular workouts.

Whether he’s assisting clients in achieving their financial goals or conquering new slopes on a snowboard, Evan‘s dedication and adaptability continue to set him apart in all his endeavors.

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