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Home Equity Loans / Texas Cash Out Loans

Park Place Finance provides home equity loans up to 80% of the home value on your primary residence.   Don’t want to use your primary residence, Park Place Finance offers equity loans up to 75% on second homes and investment properties

It is possible to take tax-deductible equity loans out on your house in Texas to pay bills, start a business or even purchase a boat. Texas Cash Out Loans are sometimes also called Texas Home Equity Loans, Cash Out Mortgages, Debt Consolidation Loans or Texas 50-A-6 Loans. These are all the same loans, but with different names.

Park Place Finance prides itself on our Texas Equity Law knowledge, and that we have originated over $50,000,000 in Home Equity Loans since 2007.

There are numerous laws that apply. A quick 2-minute phone call to one of our licensed loan officers can determine if a cash out loan would benefit you and be allowed for your specific scenario.

Home Equity/ Cash Out Loan Uses

Payoff credit cards
Purchase a boat
Start a business
Pay income or property taxes
Payoff high rate car loans
Pay for a summer vacation
Payoff an investment property
Install a pool
College education

Contact us today. We want to help you move forward.

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