New Year’s Resolution Solutions
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January 18, 2019



So, it’s the end of January, and if you’re like 90% of everyone who made New Year’s resolutions, you may find yourself falling short despite the best of intentions. If your determination to eat better, lose weight, read more books, and make new friends has already had to take a backseat to real life, it might be time to try something a little different. You don’t have to wait until January first to plant better habits—and sometimes it’s easier to make smaller changes rather than big ones.

These creative post-New Year’s resolutions were made for the more practical minds among us and may just inspire better habits (or at least different ones) for months to come.

Here are some of our favorite healthy habits that you can incorporate at any time of the year:

Go Outside

Ditch the idea that getting active has to be about going to the gym to spend forty minutes on a treadmill staring at the wall. Choosing something you don’t enjoy to practice in the new year is just signing up to suffer—and you’re that much more likely to not follow through. Instead, focus on something pleasant: like going outside and doing anything at all in the sunshine for 20 minutes. Whether you plant a garden, dribble a basketball, or go for a walk through the neighborhood is totally up to you. Just pick something you enjoy, and don’t do it inside. Choosing a simple goal like this one can help you stay on track and enjoy the process.

Show Your Phone Who’s Boss

There’s an endless array of tips out there for taking back control of your life from that most pernicious enemy: your cell phone. If your problem is social media, paradoxically, there’s an app for that—you can monitor your social media usage in minutes, and set a limit that turns the app off when you’ve hit your allotted time. Want to feel more in control? Delete apps that consume your time and set all others to silent. Not a popup, not a vibration, not even a tiny icon. You’ll still have access to all the things you need and can check them whenever you like—but on your time, when you choose. No longer will you be interrupted mid-sentence by a helpful vibration or a convenient ping. And, over time, as you check your phone less, that means less screen time. 2019 goal? Check!

Prioritize Relationships

Our relationships with other people are so often overlooked in our rush to hurry through our own concerns. This year, resolve to take time to have in-person conversations or phone calls rather than just text, and especially call those who you see infrequently, like distant relatives. This principle extends to the office, too—talk to your coworkers, even the intern. Thank the people who go out of their way to help you, personally and professionally. A little human connection goes a long way.


What’s a life of good intentions and positive change without a little volunteer work? Whether you want to donate old clothes, spend some time at a food bank, or help out your local animal shelter, there’s no shortage of good deeds to do this year. If you love animals like us, you might want to check out all our furry friends over at Texas Humane Heroes!

As you focus on self-improvement this new year, it might be time to think about a little home improvement as well. Whether you’re just looking to do a little DIY work, or move across town, Park Place Finance’s mortgage and lending services can help you get the job done. Contact us today and let us know how we can help.

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