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Simplify retirement and make the most of your home equity. Eliminate monthly mortgage payments and receive cash or a line of credit to finance life’s expenses.

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How it Works

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  1. Receive a lump sum: Manage the money your way with a fixed interest rate.
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What borrowers are saying

Star Star Star Star Star
Will use again!
Ryan Miller did an excellent job with my purchase. I worked with many different lenders in past being Realtor, he met the closing date as promised. Will use again.
Star Star Star Star Star
Quick Communication

Cristofer and the team at Park Place were amazing at getting our first deal funded. I appreciated his quick communication and getting things done in a fast time frame. We hope to work with them on more in the future!

Star Star Star Star Star
I highly recommend James and Park Place

James Webb and the team at Park Place did a great job with my non-owner occupied cash-out refinance. The property is in a resort community making the transaction even more challenging. I highly recommend James and Park Place.

Star Star Star Star Star
Joseph and his team saved the day!
Joseph Morley was beyond phenomenal! We had a deal with another lender fall through last minute and Joseph and his team saved the day! We closed in about 2 weeks time even with a trickier deal, and they were constantly in communication with us! We already look forward to our next project! Highly recommend park place and their team!
Kelli B
Star Star Star Star Star
This was a quick and easy process!
I recently had a great experience with this company. Connor was super awesome! He was quick to send responses to all of my questions and helpful to get me in contact with the appropriate resources needed to close on the loan. This was a quick and easy process. Thanks for all your help. I would recommend them for your next lender.
Star Star Star Star Star
He literally saved the day!
Austin Bunkers at Park Place performed a financially impossible request: he provided a multimillion dollar mortgage perfectly within 7 days of the request!!!! Closing was clean and went smoothly. He literally “ saved” the day as we had to cancel our prior lender due to Lender error at the 11th hour I will only use this company and Austin going forward. Best Ever!
David N.
Star Star Star Star Star
“He Is Efficient, Creative And Easy To Communicate With”

I have used Austin Bunkers with Park Place Finance for all of my investment properties. He is efficient, creative and easy to communicate with. He has gone above and beyond during the transaction to ensure that the process was smooth and a win for everyone at the closing table. I use him over and over again and would highly recommend him for all of your lending needs.

Erin C.
Star Star Star Star Star
Extremely Helpful

Joseph Morley was extremely helpful and was able to get our deal closed within just 2 days. We would definitely recommend him for any home financing. It was a total pleasure to work with him.

Bailey Arnett

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