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Broker Fees
Closing Costs

Park Place Finance offers options for $0 application fee, $0 broker fees, and $0 closing costs. Call 512-505-6267 for details and availability.


What makes Park Place Finance different?

We are small enough to give you the personalized individual attention you deserve while also having the heavy volume lending to offer competitive rates by borrowing in bundles. Due to our low overhead structure, we don’t have to charge any fees to you the borrower to stay in business. That’s why 98% of our loans are 0 points unless you the borrower want to purchase points, which we don’t suggest with fixed rates in the 2-4% range.


The Loan Process

There’s a lot involved in getting a mortgage. We will walk you through every step.


Should I Refinance?

Refinancing has benefits that can make it worth the up-front expenditure.


Daily Rates

We will work with you to help you make the decision on when to lock your rate.


Have More Questions?

A mortgage or refinance is a big step and we are here to talk. Give us a call!

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