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Arnold Podrebarac

Account Executive


Arnold, who focused on Marketing and Finance, graduated from Wichita State University after completing 3 years at Creighton University. Over the past 22 years, he has gained extensive experience in the real estate industry, working in diverse roles such as Mortgage Lending, Real Estate Sales, Foreclosure Management, Property Management, Investment Property Sales Agent, Investor Property Buyer’s Agent, Construction Management, and Property Maintenance.

He has now found his niche in the Hard Money Space, previously working at Civic Financial for 6 years and currently serving at Park Place Finance.

In his role as an Account Executive at Park Place Finance, Arnold collaborates directly with Investors and Brokers to secure the most favorable loans at competitive rates for his clients. Throughout the loan process, Arnold maintains close communication with the Park Place team to guarantee a seamless transaction and expedited closure. Establishing friendly connections with clients is paramount to fostering successful long-term relationships, both in business and on a personal level.

Outside of the daily grind of a successful loan business, Arnold enjoys travel, brewery hopping, fishing and family.

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